Our focus

WLA will be a small learning environment that will focus on providing an enriched, standards-based curriculum. WLA intends to provide each student with powerful learning experiences that are differentiated to meet individual student needs. A combination of small-and large-group instruction will be utilized to deliver the curriculum with one-on-one help, including mentoring assistance for those who are in need of additional support. WLA seeks to:

  • create small communities of learning where stable, close, mutually respectful relationships with adults and peers are considered fundamental for intellectual development and personal growth.
  • teach a core academic program that utilizes research-based instructional practices and promotes artistic, scientific, and mathematical literacy, as well as critical thinking and reasoning.
  • use a variety of student groupings within each classroom and one each school day. A wide variety of instructional strategies will be employed to meet the differing needs of students at each grade level. These include, but are not limited, to: 1) cooperative learning, 2) flexible grouping, 3) partner reading, 4) choral reading, 5) listening center, 6) journal writing, 7) written and oral reports, 8) plays, and 9) role-playing.

WLA understands the importance of utilizing research-based instructional practices to promote student achievement.  The WLA curriculum will be based on the California State Common Core Content Standards. Grade Level Standards students are expected to master by the end of their grade level